Mushrooming Gurus…

Day by day Gurus are coming up like mushrooms. Each new Guru somehow manages to get his or her share of followers. This is a sign that more people want to seek some evasive thing which they have failed to reach by their own efforts. The more the effort, the more evasive the whatever they search or seek. So long people are not clear and realistic, these Gurus have their field days.

In India, it has become a cultural fad or fashion to follow some Guru or other, and then to start ones own ‘Guru-dome’, a mini kingdom where intolerance to anything other than one’s own ideas or views constitutes the hallmark. Now there are almost over a dozen of these fire-brand Gurus. Each of these Gurus has almost a large follower-ship. Some followers are more zealous than their own Gurus, using literally dirty and lowly language to describe other ‘Great’ Gurus and their followers.

What these great souls are doing to the humanity is nothing but promoting divisive tendencies. Some local Gurus have been arrested for womanizing, murder, embezzlement and so on. This news is reported by leading dailies, still there is a great rush among the public to follow these so called great souls. This deterioration is not without parallels in religious circles too. Some priests from all leading religions in
India are accused of some or other criminal activities. I wonder, why then this mad rush after the so called ‘Great Divine Beings’? I am yet to hear a contemporary factual report on some activities by these Gurus either equaling the stories in their respective religious legends or holy books or the deeds of their professed divine incarnations like Jesus or Muhammed or Anjaneya or Vinayaka (I am not endorsing blind faith in any of the aforesaid names).

One answer that seems befitting the situation is that people are so needy of some degree of guilt reduction and a sense that they are forgiven by the God for whatever (sinfully) unacceptable activities that they have or have been committing. In a post-modern, competitive, globalized, cut throat, materialistic, business society where even human relationships and lives are for sale or exchange or barter; there is no doubt that we the great inhabitants of this planet earth may trigger the mental trap of guilt.

When are we going to realize that there is nothing sinful? What is a sin? I can understand justice, equity, civil behavior, mutual support, cooperation, growth, development, and the such. Why do we fall prey to some religious tricks of controlling the lives of people? The offertories in big and popular religious centers run to crores and crores of money (whatever currency be it).
Education was thought to be a panacea to end social evils. But when I see highly educated professionals and other celebrities running after the so called Gurus, I am afraid there is going to be no solution for this problem. Even civic elections are fought and won with the support of these so called Great Souls.

There is no end to this devilish game. Is it that humans have to learn to live with these nonsensical gurus, like having learned to tolerate the politicians?

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Leaders, Gurus (Teachers), and Masters

Most people, the majority, are followers, students, or disciples wanting Leaders, Gurus, or Masters. This brutal majority requires some person or object to give meaning to their existence. These persons or objects comprise mainly of Leaders or Gurus or Masters. There are yet some other people who derive sense or meaning in life through other affiliations such as associations, cults, clubs, and the such.

As said by Osho in one of his discourses, the leaders, gurus, and masters distinctly differ. Leadership is a social role and a function with a definite social or group objective. Guru is a teacher in essence, being a reservoir of information or knowledge. The master differs from these two kinds. To be a master, in my opinion, calls for a realization of the being (one’s own), and an awareness of the becoming. A master comes from his undiluted, personal experience and realistic inward reflection. Enlightenment is his hallmark. A master may not judge or grade the performance of others, but he facilitates the transformation of the person of his disciple. A master is also one in whose presence others do not have to bother about their various limitations, because a master is potent to bring about transformation in any of his disciples.

Here comes the crux of the matter. No one else can bring about changes in any one else. Unless one decides to transform oneself, nothing ever happens. Legendarily there are many reports on how even the great Divine Personalities could not do miracles or wonders, becouse their audience didnot believe in them. So a true master is one who facilitates a self realization in the others who listen to him. In other words, I am in search of a master who can guide me through my personal journey, confirming me, and letting me reach my on realization or self actualization, without subjugating me to the endless miseries on account of my massive limitations or other shortcomings and lack of vital resources… . Any takers? Advices? Suggestions?

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